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Talang Queenfish

Whole round — size: less than 1/ 1-3/ 3-5/ 5 up kg- 15-30Kg /ctn or pp bags

Headed & Gutted -IQF bulk-15kg/ctn

Steak /Skinless, PBO fillet- 500/700/1000g IQF bulk/  vaccum pack / skinpack- 15Kg/15pcs per ctn



Genus Scomberoides of the family Carangidae, a dominant finfish group found in Persian Gulf and the Oman sea, named “Queen Fish”. Scomberoides commersonnianus is one of the three species of genus Scomberoides that widely distributed throughout the Indo-West Pacific. Queen fish is usually consumed in fresh, frozen, dried, and salted form and the low cost, texture, and tasty flavor, make it appropriate for fish-based products.

Serving Size: 100 gr
Calories: 100 kcal
Total Fat: 1 gr
Saturated Fat: 0.2 gr
Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.4 gr
Trans Fat: 0 gr
Carbohydrates: 0 gr
Sodium: 54 mg
Potassium: 596 mg
Protein: 21 gr